FetMeOver is shutting down

Hi Fetters,

It is with great sadness that we come to a close on our fetish journey.  The response to our site has drawn too small an audience and generated far too meager sales for us to justify continuing further.  We have paid all of our performers immediately out of pocket with Bitcoin seconds after a credit card sale because we decided we would take the brunt of the adult industry’s stymied cash flow problems caused by the credit card companies.  We are still waiting on money that was to be paid to us a year ago.  The future of Bitcoin still has yet to be realized by the mainstream.  The credit card industry’s ridiculous censorship, upfront costs and slow payout turnaround imposed on adult sites makes it difficult to stay in the business.  We don’t believe in censorship, and we never will.

All videos and images will be deleted from our servers within the week.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us at support@fetmeover.com.

- GM

FTP + FetMeOver = More Fetish Porn!

FetGuy FTP Upload

Hello Fellow Fetters!

Today marks another milestone for FetMeOver. We have introduced a new feature to the FetMeOver website that we’re sure many of you have been waiting for: FTP (File Transfer Protocol).  For those that are not the techie type, FTP (aka File Transfer Protocol) is a fast and efficient way for you to upload your clips to the FetMeOver servers. Using an FTP program, you will now be able to upload one or multiple clips at the same time at much faster speeds than before.

In order to begin using this new feature, you must download and install a third-party program that can connect to our server. We recommend FileZilla, due to its popularity and ease of use. Instructions on how to use FileZilla with FetMeOver can be found here.

We hope you find this new feature a helpful and useful addition to the website. Uploading your video library can be a pain, so we believe this tool will come in handy for those planning on uploading a bunch of content. As always, more features to come in the future. Drop us an email here to say what you’d like to see next.

Thank you for helping make this site the best it can be!

-Master Fet


Instant Payouts


That’s right, you heard it correctly.  We will now be instantly paying out performer’s commission, even if their content was purchased with a credit card! 

To do this, we will be leveraging the power and speed of the Bitcoin network to send the monies due.  This means that if you have a Bitcoin address on file with us (which most of you do), you will automatically receive your credit card commissions to your Bitcoin wallet.

If you do not have a Bitcoin address on file with us, you will still be receiving your commission through your RedPass account.  You always have the option to add your Bitcoin address by going to the “Application Settings” tab in your FetMeOver profile.  Also, if for some reason you want to continue to receive your credit card commissions through RedPass, you may opt-out of this Bitcoin payout feature in the “Application Settings” tab as well.

This is an exciting time for FetMeOver as this has never been done before in the industry.  We hope this setting is a well-received addition to the already extensive list of features FetMeOver incorporates.  Let us know what you think by submitting some feedback on the “Feedback” tab (duh) on the right side of the FetMeOver site.

Until next time, stay classy my fet friends ;)

FetMeOver 2.0


Fet Me Over Head with Credit Cards

Hello Fetters!

I know it’s been awhile, but Gimp Man and I have been diligently working on FetMeOver 2.0. This huge update is the result of all the accumulated feedback, statistics, and other pertinent information needed to make the appropriate improvements to our site.

Perhaps the biggest change is the acceptance of credit card transactions! We have partnered with our credit card processor, Zombaio, to facilitate these transactions on our behalf.  Customers are able to purchase credits with their credit cards, which they can then use to purchase clips or send tributes.  Every credit equals 1 US dollar.  Payouts are as follows:

  • Performers will receive 65% of gross revenue from credit card clip sales
  • Performers will receive 70% of gross revenue from credit card tribute sales
  • Performers will receive 80% of gross revenue from bitcoin clip sales
  • Performers will receive 85% of gross revenue from bitcoin tribute sales

Money earned from credit card sales will be paid to the performer after 1 month.  We will send the money to the performer’s RedPass account, which means all performers who would like to accept credit cards for their content will need to sign up for a personal RedPass account and provide us with their RedPass email.  There are minimal fees with using RedPass, therefore performers will be required to manually tell us when to send their commission to their RedPass account (after they reach the $100 minimum).

We will be releasing more updates and information in the coming days.  These are exciting times for us and I hope for you as well.  We hope to be the most advanced, lenient, and fun clip store on the web.

FetMeOver’s 1 Month Birthday!

And what a month it has been!  This past 30 days has been a roller coaster of traffic surges, email sending, bitcoin explaining, clip approving mayhem.  It has all been worth it as we enter our second month with lofty goals and an undying momentum.

First of all, if you haven’t heard yet, we have been featured on XBIZ, the industry source for adult entertainment: http://www.xbiz.com/news/news_piece.php?id=172612.  This little boost in notoriety has also opened the doors to other press outlets asking us for information about FetMeOver.  We hope these articles reach those who can see the benefit and value to using our service.

Besides press, FetMeOver has been marketing in a lot of different ways.  Our Reddit campaign has seen huge success over the past two weeks, driving a lot of sellers and customers to our website. We have just created a Google Adwords campaign targeting customers who wish to make purchases discreetly (with bitcoins), and we are in talks with Juicy Ads to help reach a more targeted audience for our content.

There have been some concerns from certain performers that a bitcoin-only website may discourage some customers from making a purchase.  Though we have had sales this past month, we understand the concerns and would like to announce that we are currently in talks with credit card processors to determine the best possible way to implement credit cards on FetMeOver.  However, note that we will only proceed with implementation if we are able to allow the content that we deem acceptable for sale, not the credit card companies.  Gimp Man and I believe that we may have found a way that will make all parties involved happy.  We will be rolling this feature out in the first quarter of 2014, so stay tuned.

We couldn’t have been happier with how our first month turned out, and the next month already has a bright future ahead.  Please remember to Tweet or post a link on your site advertising your clips on FetMeOver; we are planning on implementing an optional auto-tweet feature for all newly uploaded clips in the near future.

Happy Holidays Fetters!

Features and Advertising Galore!

Happy Thursday Fetters,

As we are all getting ready for the weekend, FetMeOver has just released a new round of updates :)

The two new features that have been added are:

  • Custom thumbnails: You can now upload your own animated .gifs for each of your clips.
  • Support for .mp3 format: For those interesting in providing an auditory-only experience, we now allow uploads of .mp3s.  If your file is an .mp3, we encourage you to upload an image with your audio file so we have something to display.  By default, it will show a speaker icon.

We just began our first round of advertising, starting on reddit.com.  We will be expanding our advertising efforts to numerous niche and fetish sites in the coming weeks and months.

Questions, comments, concerns, ideas?  Email master@fetmeover.com  We would like to hear your input.

-Master Fet

100% Commission Promotion Extended (& New Feature)

Exciting news fetters!

Gimp Man and I have decided to extend the 100% commission promotion we currently have running all the way to March 1st 2014 11:59 PM EST.  This means you now have over 3 months to take advantage of this unique offer.  By doing this, our hopes are that you upload more of your content and help direct your customers to FetMeOver.com.  If you have not yet signed up to sell content on FetMeOver.com, click here to get started.

We are also rolling out a new feature called “Clip Price Comparison Calculator”. This calculator will display what your commission would be if you uploaded and priced out the same clip on one of our competitor’s websites.  Due to our implementation of Bitcoin, we find that our payouts are typically higher than our competitors.  We hope this information will persuade you to lower your clip prices so that they match the payouts of other websites you may promote yourself on.  You benefit because you’re getting paid the same while charging less which may result in more traffic (and purchases) to your FetMeOver studio.

A round of advertising will begin soon as well, starting on Reddit.com.  From there we hope to target niche specific websites and adult news outlets.  We ask that you please help our advertising efforts by tweeting your studio, offering exclusive content on FetMeOver, or just mentioning our site to other people in your network.  We are business partners and will both benefit from any increase in traffic flow to our site.

We hope you all had a great Turkey day (even the international folk).  As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

-Master Fet

New Features and Week in Review

Hey Fetters,

Happy Monday.  We have a couple of announcements for you to round up our first week!  To start it off we have launched a couple of new features that didn’t make it in time for launch:

  • Change clip thumbnail:  Performers will now be able to change the thumbnail displayed for their clip.  Before this was a manual process performed by the staff until we created the feature for the performers.
  • Sales statistics: We have implemented a new section in the Control Panel Main Menu called Sales.  There are two subsections: Clips & Tributes.  Each displays their respective information about what sold when, for how much, what your commission is, and when it was paid (usually within 5 minutes of purchase time).

We have been listening to your comments and suggestions and will be reworking our sign-up process to allow for both individual performers and businesses.  The main difference between the two would be whether you use your SSN or EIN.  We expect this modification to be ready within the next couple days.  Sorry for any confusion; those who wished to sign-up as a business still managed to do so via e-mail correspondence.

FetMeOver will have been live to the public for about 1 week starting tomorrow afternoon.  We thank those who have tried our service and continue to come back day after day to upload more content or provide feedback.  We are at 9 performers with 37 clips uploaded. By around this time next week we want to have at least 20 performers with 100 clips uploaded. To achieve these lofty goals, we will begin an advertising campaign on reddit.com and a few niche specific websites.

So proudly let your customers, friends, family, and distant relatives know that you are on FetMeOver.com, the most innovative amateur fetish clip store on the Internet!

We are Live!

Well, technically we went live the day before (11/19), but who cares?!  We are finally available to the public.  Gimp man and I want to thank our families and friends who supported us over the past 8 1/2 months of development.  There were A LOT of difficulties getting to this point and it feels great to hit this milestone.

Of course, the hurdles are just beginning.  While watching analytics and listening to user feedback (shout-out to  Continue reading

Launch Dates, Payments, and More

Hello Fetters!

It has been a while since I last posted.  Gimp Man and I have been hard at work making sure FetMeOver is as good as it can be.  We are working on the last of the launch features, which is to say we are about 95% done with the site!  That being said, there are a couple items we would like to address:

  • Launch date: We don’t have an exact date yet, but we hope to be done by the second week in November.  Until we have more information for you, expect FetMeOver to launch anywhere between 10/31 and 11/15. As the time draws near we will  be sure to keep you updated.
  • Payments: After careful consideration, we have decided to forgo Dwolla payments for the time being. Implementation would be too confusing on our end and for the user, so we want to keep it simple.  Plus, Dwolla is only available for US customers which cuts out a large portion of our audience.
  • Beta Testing:  100% commission for performers during the first two weeks of launch is still a go.  Please bare with us if you encounter any glitches/hang-ups.  We will be working around the clock to make this work.  You will be payed what you are owed; that is certain.

On the topic of payments, please make sure you (performers) and your customers / audience sign up for a Bitcoin wallet somewhere and know how to use it (it is simple, promise).  Check out this illustrative video to learn more about it.

For our US customers and performers, we recommend Coinbase.  It has the cleanest user interface we have seen so far and it comes with amazing security standards.

International (and US) customers/performers have a wide variety of websites to choose from.  There is blockchain.info, mtgox.com, bitstamp.net and many, many more.  Choosing an online wallet is a user preference and proper research is needed.  Here is a short list of Bitcoin wallets to choose from.

It would be most ideal for customers to have some bitcoins available in their wallet when this site launches.  Please pass the message along to make this beta launch as smooth as possible.  There are a lot of things you can buy besides porn too :)

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you early November.